Personal Philosophy

Educational Philosophy




            Within every successful and dedicated educator, one will discover a unique philosophy and zest for teaching which is reflected in that teacher’s approach to the instructional process.    I have come to realize that such an “educational philosophy” including the beliefs and ideals concerning the teaching and the learning process, is constantly growing and expanding.  My own educational philosophy is continually being influenced and altered by my own values as well as a plethora of external forces, including diverse students and educators whom I meet and observe.

            My educational philosophy emanates from two main beliefs:  first, the reality that all students have the ability to learn and feel successful;  second, the establishment of positive relationships between all individuals involved in the education process, including the teacher and support personnel, the student, and the student’s family.  I believe that these two facets of education serve as the foundation for the development of a successful learning experience.

            During a time in which our society is constantly changing, educators must realize that all students, regardless of handicaps, learning disabilities, or racial, ethnic, or economic status, are capable of learning.  As an advocate for the needs of my students, I feel that it is my responsibility to establish a positive learning environment in which all students develop a sense of self-worth.   Once students develop this confidence in their own abilities, they will be motivated in their own quest for knowledge.  I can assist students in their learning experiences by varying my teaching style to accommodate a diverse population of learners within the regular classroom setting.  Thus, by focusing my attention on the needs of the individual learner, the classroom becomes child-centered, rather than teacher-centered. 

            I firmly adhere to the philosophy of lifelong learning, not only for myself, but for my students as well.   In order to convey the message that education is a lifelong passion of learning, I need to establish a positive relationship between all individuals involved in the learning process.  The teaching and learning process consists of a wide variety of individuals who are bonded together for one purpose:  to successfully meet the needs of all students.  Each participant in the process will contribute a unique personality and style of thinking; therefore, fostering an environment in which all individuals are respected and provided with the opportunity to exercise their choices.  I will be honored to assume an integral role in the educational process.