Classroom Philosophy

Ms. Marano’s Classroom Philosophy




  • All children are unique and have their own gift.

  • All children have the ability to learn.

  • Children learn through exploration and play.

  • Learning is a lifelong process for both the students and the teacher.

  • Children possess multiple intelligences, and therefore exhibit diverse learning styles.

  • The implementation of various teaching strategies will benefit the whole child; the physical, social-emotional, and intellectual domains of development.

  • My lessons and activities are developmentally appropriate and well planned to enhance classroom management.

  • I will respond to spontaneous teachable moments by remaining flexible.

  • Positive behavior is expected.  Discipline is necessary in order to take place.

  • Fair is not always equal.

  • An atmosphere of mutual respect is established on the first day of class.

  • My safe, caring classroom environment encourages students to take academic and social risks.

  • My sense of humor will be my secret weapon.